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 How to register your DNS server at registerfly.com
Solution In order to use your DNS server that comes with your VPS you have to setup your domain properly to use it. This can only be done at your registrar and each uses their own terminology for the process.

This describes the process of registering and then using your nameserver with registerfly.com. For the sake of discussion we will use mydomain.com in this tutorial.

1. Login and navigate to managing your domain.

2. Click on "register/ edit nameservers for this domain"

3. Add ns1.mydomain.com and its IP

4. Add ns2.mydomain.com and its IP

5. Go back to managing the domain and click on "set/ modify DNS settings for this domain"

6. Enter ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com as your nameservers and save

Registerfly says it can take 1-7 days for these changes to take effect.

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