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 How can I transfer a cPanel site from another server without the other server's root password?
Solution How do I move accounts over from my old server to my new VPS without root access?

There are several possible ways of transferring accounts from one server to another without having root access. In a nutshell, you have to have the old server generate a backup of the account, transfer that backup to the new server, and then have the new server take that backup and restore it. Below is one possible step-by-step guide for transferring an account.

Generating a Backup of the Account

In order to move the account over, you need to create a full backup of it. CPanel provides easy tools to do this.

1. Login to the account's cPanel on the old server.
2. Click on the Backup link.
3. Click on the Generate/Download a Full Backup link.
4. Enter the following information into the appropriate fields.

Generate/Download a Full Backup
Backup Destination Remote FTP Server (Passive mode transfer)
Email Address YourEmail@domain.com
Remote Server
(FTP/SCP only) XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (Your server IP)
Remote User
(FTP/SCP only) yourmainftpaccount
Remote Password
(FTP/SCP only) yourmainftppassword
Port (FTP/SCP only) *leave blank*
Remote Dir
(FTP/SCP only) *leave blank*

Your default account's FTP username/password will be "hostXXXX" where XXXX is the first 4 letters of your domain name. So if the account you signed up with was powervpsrocks.com, your default FTP account would "hostpowe". You can check this inside of your new VPS' WHM by clicking on List Accounts. It will show you the default account's username there. Your default password will be the same as the root password you signed up with.

Preparing to Restore the Account

It may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the account to finish transferring to your new server. When the process completes, you should be able to see the account when you login to your new server's FTP account. We need to take this backup file from the FTP and move it to the /home directory so cPanel can restore it.

1. Login to your new VPS root account using SSH. If you've never used SSH, please see this article in our knowledge base for a program to use and what information you need to connect to your account.
2. Enter the following command:
cd /home/host*
mv backup*.tar.gz /home
3. The above command will put you in your hostXXXX directory and then move all of the cPanel backup files from it's current folder to /home.

Actually Restoring the Account

The account has been packed up and moved to the correct location. All that's left now is to actually restore the account!

1. Login into the WHM of your new VPS.
2. Choose Backups and then click on Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file.
3. Enter the username of the account you want to restore into the appropriate box. (You should see the backup file listed below in the list of available backups.)
4. Let cPanel complete the restore process.

If you recieve any type of errors during the account restore and you need to try to restore the backup again, you may need to move the package back to the /home directory as CPanel moves it to another location when it attempts the restore.

1. Login to your new VPS root account using SSH.
2. Enter the following command:
cd /home/cprestore
mv backup*.tar.gz /home

You can repeat the above steps for however many number of accounts you need to copy over. Just don't forget to remember to point each domain you transfer to your new server's DNS!

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