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 Where can I find information on how to download and install ClientExec?
Solution You can download Clientexec from one of the links below:

We are no longer providing Clientexec beta releases for download.

Latest Stable:



To install ClientExec:

- The first step is to create a database. (You need to create a mySQL database, database username, and database password.)

- Upload the entire contents of the zip file to your server in BINARY mode.

- Apply any patches as needed.

- Change CHMOD permissions on the config.php file to 666.

- Point your browser to http://yoursite/install.php

- After the installation is complete, delete or move the install.php file

That is it. You should have a clean install and ready to go.

*PLEASE NOTE* We do not provide installation or general support for ClientExec. Like you, we are only users of the software ourselves. To obtain support regarding ClientExec, you can either purchase a support plan with the developers directly (http://www.clientexec.com) or visit the free user-to-user support forum at http://www.ce-talk.com. You can also view the ClientExec Knowledge Base at http://www.clientexec.com/kb/index.php.

Upgrade Instructions

READ the CHANGELOG.txt file

1) First step in any upgrade is to backup your database. You can do so using an application like phpmyadmin which is commonly found with your hosting control panel utilities.
NOTE: We can not stress this step enough. We can not help you easily with any issues to your data unless you have a backup before any upgrade.
2) Unzip the contents of your compressed ClientExec file.
3) FTP to your server, which contains the domain of your ClientExec installation.
4) Remove all of your files except for:
license.php - If upgrading from 2.2.x you do not need to keep your license file
uploads/files - Do not remove this folder if you have files in your files manager
5) Upload all the content files from the ClientExec zip file. Ensure that you do not overwrite config.php or license.php
6) Visit http://yourceurl/install.php and click on Upgrade. Follow the steps until completion.
7) Delete install.php and enjoy.

Upgrading Notes:
-If you see the install option available when you run the install.php script then you need to check your config.php and ensure that you didn't overwrite by mistake.
-If you are upgrading from beta 2.2.x then you do not need to keep your license.php file prior to running the upgrade.
-After you have upgraded your version of CE you can now delete your license.php file.
-After you have upgraded your version of CE make sure you remove your install.php file.
-If after upgrading you find that you have unauthorized version installed message do not stress, just follow the instructions below on obtaining a new license.
-After each upgrade go to admin->settings->3rd party invoices to ensure all plugins are synched properly

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