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 What is CSF and LFD?
Solution CSF is an acronym that stands for ConfigServer Firewall. It has following features:

    *  WHM Interface for CPanel
    * Firewall Running Status
    * Easy to Install and Administer
    * Brute Force Attack Prevention
    * One Click Server Security Checks
    * Port scan prevention and blocking
    * Intrusion detection system
    * Easy Installation and Configuration
    * IP Blocking and more

LFD stands for Login Failure Daemon. To complement the ConfigServer Firewall (csf), LFD process runs all the time and periodically (every X seconds) scans log file entries for recent failed login attempts against your server. Such attempts are referred to as ‘Brute-force attacks’. The daemon process responds very quickly to such patterns and blocks offending IP's using CSF. CSF allows users to whitelist known IPs to prevent accidental blocking of valid users.

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