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 What do I do if the Digichat installer gives "Permission denied" error?
Solution Running the digichat installer binary Install_DigiChat.bin gives the following error:

Launching installer ./Install_DigiChat.bin: /tmp/install.dir.9155/Linux/resource/jre/bin/java: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

If the digichat installer Install_DigiChat.bin gives the above error while installing via ssh, this is because /tmp is set to noexec (/tmp is noexec by default for security reasons). However, it should be possible to install DigiChat without having to remove the noexec on /tmp. All you need is a temporary folder for the DigiChat installer. So simply do an export TMPDIR=/tmp_logroate in the bash screen where you are running the installation script. If /tmp_logrotate does not exist, then create a temporary folder to which you assign 777 permissions and then do an export pointing TMPDIR to that folder.

Then run the following:
./Install_DigiChat.bin -i console
and finish the installation.

If you wish to install digichat to some folder you wish, say, /home/username/www, you can use this while installing:
./Install_DigiChat.bin -i console /home/username/www/

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