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 What should I do if my server is inaccessible?
Solution As much as downtime is hated in the hosting industry, there are times in which problems happen and your server might be inaccessible. We try to keep this to an absolute minimum, but when bad things happen we want you to understand how we will be handling the situation.

If your server is inaccessible, we recommend you try accessing the billing portal at https://my.powervps.com . From there, you can attempt to restart your server or your individual system.

Should your individual VPS still be inaccessible, there is most likely one of two situations happening. Either the hardware node itself that powers your VPS is having difficulty or there is a network issue between you and the server.

If it is an issue with the hardware node, we will post an announcement on our forums in the "Operational Status - Network and Servers" category (http://forums.powervps.com/forumdisplay.php?f=10) as well as send an e-mail to all effected customers. We will be directing customers to the forums as much as possible during the outage so we can keep all updates posted there regarding what is going on. Our goal is to try to keep you updated as much as possible during any problem and to try to minimize the downtime as much as possible.

Should the e-mail address we have on file for you be hosted on your account/server, please contact support and give a secondary "off site" e-mail address so that our notifications will reach you in the event there is a problem and your server be inaccessible.

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