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 How can I get help?
Solution Knowledge Base

Commonly asked questions and answers can be found in our Knowledge Base. We suggest starting there for answers to your questions. If you cannot find the answer there, we recommend using our forums or opening a support ticket.

Online Forum

Our online community is made up of VPS and server owners just like you. Share your experiences and receive help from other community members.

Support Tickets
https://www.dtghelpdesk.com or support@powervps.com

This is the official channel for getting help from PowerVPS. If you have questions, feel free to open a support ticket. The https://www.dtghelpdesk.com URL and the support@powervps.com addresses route questions to our main help desk. We answer tickets based on the order they are received and based on priority. For example, if someone submits a ticket about a server being inaccessible it would receive attention before a ticket in which someone asks for help with how to recompile PHP. If two folks submit a ticket regarding their server being inaccessible, we would answer the tickets in the order they are received.

For more information about what we support please visit http://www.powervps.com/support.php .

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