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 Is a virtual private server better than a reseller account?
Solution A virtual private server is different from a reseller account and have some key benefits that you may want to consider:

1. Resource Guarantee - With a reseller account, you are left in the hands of the system admin. If they put too many accounts on a shared server or another reseller starts to overload their account; then your sites will go down when they're sites go down. On a virtual private server this does not happen. You are guaranteed certain levels of CPU, memory, and other system resources. No matter what another VPS admin does, your will operate normally.
2. Control - A reseller account gives you little control over the server configuration, so things like the hostname in an email header will contain the server's hostname and not yours. This gives away the fact you are a reseller.
3. Security - As you are in control of the VPS from the root level, you know exactly who can see what. On a shared server, things such as mySQL usernames and passwords are there for anyone with shell access to view if they are in say a PHP config file.

With all of these advantages does come some responsibility - running a VPS is very similar to running a dedicated server so be prepared to learn and discover new skills.

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