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After upgrading mySQL to version 4.1, Eximstats shows as offline in WHM.How do I configure a domain so that mail is delivered to an external mail server?My cPanel license is inactive, what do I do?How do I create a new account or domain in cPanel?How can I add ClamAV to my cPanel VPS? I want to protect my e-mail accounts from viruses.more topics How do I add antivirus scanning to my VPS?My upgrade button has disappeared! How do I get it back?How do I remove the message that's attached to the bottom of all of the messages I send via webmail?How to make IP address go to your site instead of plesk default page.How do I install MRTG on my Plesk VPS?more topics
Security (6) General (19)
What is mod_security and what exactly does it block?What does PowerVPS do to help secure my server by default?I need to open more ports than the standard ones. How can I do this?How to install and configure openvpn on your linux vps(server and client)How do I disable PHP functions to help prevent exploits?more topics Help! What should I do first?How do I test my httpd.conf for errors?How do I find where all of the space my VPS is using is at?How do I install GMP on my VPS?How do I login to my server with direct root access disabled?more topics
Administration (22) DNS (6)
What are some basic commands that I need to know to use Linux?Basic Commands for ServicesHow can I check the number connections to a port from an IP?How do I check my VPS Memory Resource Usage?How do I check for the status of MySQL and what it is doing?more topics What is DNS?How can I create reverse DNS (rdns) entries?How to register your DNS server at godaddy.comHow to register your DNS server at registerfly.comHow do I setup nameservers?more topics
 64-bit Ioncube vs 32-bit
 If you have legacy account then you need to install 32 bit Ioncube loader because of the 32 bit server architecture. In case of PBA, 64 bit Ioncube needs to be installed. If you are installing it using easyapache on cpanel server you don't have to worry a
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