Apr 20 2014 
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 How long does it take for my account to be setup?
 First of all, thank you for your order and welcome to PowerVPS! We're glad that you've chosen us for your hosting needs. We manually review all new accounts for fraud. This helps protect both you and us. A member of our staff will contact you within 24
 What type of network does PowerVPS have and can I test it?
 PowerVPS has a truly robust network with connections to several top-grade network carriers. We have a BGP mix of the following network connections: * Sprint * nLayer * ServerCentral * PCCW * LimeLight Networks * Savvis
 Do you allow the use of Java (Tomcat)?
 While we permit Java to be used on VPS servers, there are some known issues regarding it's use. The most common issue regarding Java is it's memory usage, especially with Tomcat. Java is a very memory intense program and has been known to use all of th
 What does the memory guarantee mean?
 The memory guarantee assures your virtual private server a minimum amount of the memory available on the server - this means it's yours and no matter how much memory another VPS uses you are always assured of getting the minimum. This adds a level of p
 Is a virtual private server better than a reseller account?
 A virtual private server is different from a reseller account and have some key benefits that you may want to consider: 1. Resource Guarantee - With a reseller account, you are left in the hands of the system admin. If they put too many accounts on
 Can I change control panels?
 There isn't a simple answer to this question as it it depends on your situation. If you are prepared to start from scratch again with a clean new server then yes it is possible. If you have many domains on your present PowerVPS server then it can take qui
 Is it easy to upgrade to a different package?
 Absolutely! If you start with a Basic package and you find it's using more resources than is available for your plan, you can easily upgrade to an Advanced package or beyond. All you need to do is login to your Parallels Business Automation control panel
 What specials/discounts does PowerVPS offer?
 To see our current monthly specials, please see: http://www.powervps.com/current-vps-sale.php Our specials change from month to month and are not guaranteed to be available again after the end of the month it was offered.
 Which VPS should I choose?
 You should consider two factors when choosing your VPS package: 1. The amount of resources you will need. If you plan to host a lot of dynamic sites, you should choose a high power VPS. If your sites are mainly static html and not too busy, you shou
 EMS is no longer offered
 Enhanced monitoring System previously offered on legacy accounts is now discontinued for PBA. We are currently working on in-house monitoring system which will replace the EMS offerings. At present, we do not have any ETA on the completion of new solution
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