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 After upgrading mySQL to version 4.1, Eximstats shows as offline in WHM.
 The mySQL upgrade process has been known to break few few of the perl modules needed for Eximstats. Please run the following command via SSH while logged into your root account: /scripts/perlinstaller --force Bundle::DBD::mysql
 How do I configure a domain so that mail is delivered to an external mail server?
 Some clients prefer to use an external mailserver for their domain (eg MS Exchange) and keep everything else on our server. To do this, a few things are required: 1. Edit the dns zone to change the MX record. This cannot be an IP number so if this is w
 My cPanel license is inactive, what do I do?
 This can be caused by numerous things; but the main thing that causes this is an IP address being added to your VPS at the time cPanel attempts to update the license file hash. At this point, cPanel looses network connectivity for a second, and cannot sen
 How do I create a new account or domain in cPanel?
 Log into your WHM Click 'Create a New Account' under the 'Account Functions' tab. Enter the domain name (without the 'www') and a password. (a user name is automaticallly assigned, but may need to be changed if it contains anything other than lette
 How can I add ClamAV to my cPanel VPS? I want to protect my e-mail accounts from viruses.
 ClamAV is a widely used antivirus software toolkit for the Unix/Linux operating systems. To install ClamAV on your cPanel VPS, please follow the following steps: 1. Login to your WHM with your root username and password. 2. Install cPanel Pro
 How do I enable Passive FTP for my FTP server so I don't keep timing out or get disconnected while using FTP?
 If you switch FTP server from proftp to pure-ftp or vice-versa in WHM, make sure you open up the passive FTP ports in the FTP server configuration file. For Proftpd: 1. Edit the file /etc/proftpd.conf and add somewhere on top: PassivePorts
 What is the difference between cPanel and WHM?
 In this knowledge base and elsewhere you may see references to both cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) The cPanel control panel consists of two control panels; 1) WHM which is for server admins 2) cPanel which is for domain owners To manage and
 Galley setup/install script fails to locate the imagemagick/jhead/netpbm binaries that are installed on the server
 First make sure the requires binaries are in fact installed on the server. example: whereis jhead whereis convert running the above commands via ssh as root will show the binary paths on the server. open_basedir creates problems with identifying bi
 Error with HORDE "line 411 of /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/kronolith/lib/Driver/sql.php"
 I am recieving the following error message while attempting to access Horde: Error with HORDE "line 411 of /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/kronolith/lib/Driver/sql.php" Solution To resolve this problem, run the following commands through SSH while log
 How do I keep my cPanel server updated?
 When updating cPanel do not use anything other than stable or release versions. To change your update preferences login to WHM and click: Server Setup/Change Update Preferences: cPanel/WHM Updates: Manual Updates Only (STABLE tree) - set all to m
 Is there a site that can help me understand cPanel or WHM better?
 You can find a very detailed FAQ on WHM on the cPanel site here http://www.cpanel.net/docs/whm/ This has details on using every link in WHM and is a very useful reference guide to managing your server. Many topics are covered and so are not duplicated
 How do I install a SSL certificate using cPanel?
 Before you begin, please make sure site that is to be secured has been assigned it's own dedicated IP. This is because there can only be one SSL certificate per IP address. Say for example you have the domain "abc.com" on the IP and the domain
 How can I login to my WHM/cPanel/Webmail?
 You can login as follows (replace the IP for your real IP number) - the username and password for WHM is your root username and password. WHM - Secure SSL https://***.***.***.***:2087 - Regular http://***.***.***.***:2086 and http://yourdomain.com/wh
 How can I transfer a cPanel site from another server without the other server's root password?
 How do I move accounts over from my old server to my new VPS without root access? There are several possible ways of transferring accounts from one server to another without having root access. In a nutshell, you have to have the old server generate a
 How do I make webstats publically available for a domain?
 Run the following commands while logged in to SSH as the root user: cd /home/username/www ln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats chown username.username stats cd ../tmp chmod 755 ./ chmod 755 ./webalizer
 How can I transfer sites from other server with almost no downtime ?
 24-48 hours before transfer: 1. Login to old server as root 2. cd /var/named 3. perl -pi.bak -e "s/14400/300/g if /^\s*\$TTL/" *.db 4. /etc/rc.d/init.d/named restart Here we have edited every single DNS zone and created a .bak of each (just in ca
 Where are the logs for my cPanel VPS?
 All users have their own separate log files and every domain has their own logs - eg: sitename.com Exim: /var/log/exim_mainlog /var/log/maillog /var/log/exim_paniclog Apache: /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log (404 not found errors, etc) /usr/loc
 How do I update the software on my cPanel VPS?
 To upgrade Apache and PHP: 1. Login to your WHM with your root username and password 2. Scroll down to the "Software" section on the left menu 3. Click on Update Apache 4. Click on the "Load Previous Config" button so that your VPS is bu
 I am having trouble using the formmail and cPanel's form-mail clone. Why won't formmail.cgi work?
 These type of scripts are allowed, but there are restrictions in place on all servers so that these scripts are not abused by spammers. You can rename your script so that it is NOT called any of the following: 1. formmail.cgi 2. formmail.pl
 Why does WHM show Apache (or another system service) as failed?
 The service status monitor in cPanel is not 100% accurate. It is controlled by chkservd which runs about every 20 minutes to check services. If the monitor shows a service as down, always check in shell if it is reporting the service accurately. Res
 How do I manually deliver all of the mail in my VPS mail queue?
 To deliver all mail messages because /var is getting full (spool dir is large): exim -d9 -qff Be careful though - this will cause the server to work quite hard and cause your server load to spike while the delivery attempt is made.
 I got this when I'm trying to access cpanel/webamil "Internal Server Error: Cannot dup stdin at cpsrvd.pl line 292"
 Upgrading cPanel to the latest release should fix this problem. Run the following command through SSH while logged in as the root user: /scripts/upcp --force If that doesn't work make sure /usr/local/cpanel/logs/access_log exists and is owned
 PHP Begins generating internal server errors after compiling with PhpSuExec.
 For servers with PhpSuExec installed, having config lines in your .htaccess file to configure PHP doesn't work any longer. You should remove the lines that begin with "php_value" and "php_flag", these will need to be moved to a new file that we're goin
 How do I transfer accounts from another server to my VPS via SSH?
 If WHM to WHM transfer is not working properly then I would suggest you transfer the accounts from other server to your VPS using SSH. 1. Login to old server via root and make sure it has enough disk space for all accounts to be backed up. 2. mkd
 How do I allow access from external servers to my VPS to use MySQL?
 You can allow external web servers to access your MySQL databases by adding their domain name to the list of hosts that are able to access databases on your web site. localhost stands for the server that your site is currently on. Steps: 1. To access
 How do I limit spamd child processes?
 You can reduce it from WHM. Go to WHM >> Add-ons >> Setup Spamd Startup Configuration >> Maximum Children To install the Spamd Startup Configuration Manager: WHM >> cPanel >> Plugins >> spamdconf Make sure it is checked to be installed. It i
 Training spamassassin from a cpanel-based webhost
 Source: This article was taken from Jason Kasper's blog in http://movingparts.net/2004/12/15/training-spamassassin-from-a-cpanel-based-webhost/ and is filed under Computerish Stuff, Life in General category. Retrieved: August 28, 2007. Getting Started
 How do I limit the load of SpamAssassin and it's child processes?
 So, your spamd is using too much memory and too much CPU? There are two things you can do about that. First, lower the max children from 5 to 3 and second, switch from using TCP to UNIX sockets. The first is easy to do, just follow the post above. I be
 I unable to restart spamd service after cPanel upgrade.
 What to do when service exim restart and shows that spamd is OK but /scripts/restartsrv spamd shows failed: -bash-3.00# /scripts/restartsrv spamd Waiting for spamd to restart..............finished. root 5134 16.3 1.6 35748 33832 ? Ss
 How do I add a SPF record?
 Log in to your WHM panel. Open up the 'Edit DNS Zone' page, and select the domain you'd like to add this to. Select 'Edit'. At the bottom of the page, there's an area that says: 'Add New Entries Below this Line' Add this line in the first box: y
 SCP is timing out during WHM account transfer.
 The error message below appears when executing SCP: command-line: line 0: Bad configuration option: PermitLocalCommand The common cause for the error message was due to incorrect or corrupt openssh installation. When the error message is encounte
 How do I disable automatic system backups?
 If you want totally to disable automatic system backup, check the "Backup Status: Disable" option in WHM at Main >> Backup >> Configure Backup tab.
 How can I enable backups of ONLY MySQL databases?
 To enable backups only of MySQL databases you can check "Mysql Dir Only" option in WHM at Main >> Backup >> Configure Backup tab. Also you can manually backup the MySQL databases for the desired user by using this command from the shell: /scripts/pk
 How do I upgrade PHP and MySQL to version 5?
 1. Login into WHM panel 2. Go to WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings 3. Select MySQL 5.0 option, do not check use old authentication. 4. Scroll to the bottom and hit Save. You'll then see the next screen such as this: Your changes have
 How can I view Webalizer stats without logging in to cPanel?
 Run the following via SSH as root: cd /home/username/www ln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats chown username.username stats cd ../tmp chmod 755 ./ chmod 755 ./webalizer This will allow http://domain.com/stats/ for viewing stats without logging in to cP
 How do I access Awstats from outside the cPanel?
 Accessing Awstats from outside the control panel is easy. Step 1. Download awstats from http://awstats.sourceforge.net Step 2. Uncompress awstats-x.x.tar.gz Step 3. Copy the contents of the uncompressed cgi-bin folder from your hard driv
 BoxTrapper Feature Problem in cPanel
 Due to the removal of the cPanel Pro components, the Domain Forwarding and Boxtrapper features were affected and have stopped working on some cPanel configurations. To determine whether the system is affected or not, please ensure that all of the appro
 How do I disable SpamAssassin through cPanel?
 To Disable Spamassasin follow the below steps: * Login to WHM and navigate to Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings and uncheck the following 2 options and Click on Save: o SpamAssassin Spam Filter. o SpamAssassin Spam Box de
 How do I transfer multiple accounts using cPanel?
 Overview: Assuming you are running cPanel and WHM and WHM on two servers, you can transfer multiple domains from one server to another. You do not need to know the exact details of each account on the other server as WebHost Manager will create a list
 How do I set up wildcard DNS for subdomains on cPanel?
 Source: This article was taken from http://www.wiredstudios.com/php-programming/setting-up-wildcard-dns-for-subdomains-on-cpanel.html posted by WiredStudios published in PHP Programming. Retrieved: August 7, 2007 Step 1: 1. First things first.
 Error - The cPanel license server said that there was no license for your ip address
 Run the command below via SSH: -bash-3.00# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt Updating Internal cPanel Information.....Done -bash-3.00# If this command encounters an error, please contact support.
 How do I manually update cPanel?
 * Updating the cPanel is a high resource usage process, so it is better to run the upcp in the offpeak time or update the cPanel manually once in a week. You can use the command /scripts/upcp --force to update cPanel. * You can change it t
 How do I optimize MySQL via cPanel?
  * Log into cPanel and open up the MySQL Databases manager icon. * At the bottom of this screen you will find a link for phpMyAdmin. * Click on the link and it will open up a new browser window with the home screen for phpMyAdmin. * Cli
 How do I update the log files for AWStats on cPanel?
 1. Run /scripts/runweblogs username 2. Login to verify that the update actually worked.
 How do I update webalizer via SSH on cPanel?
 Syntax: webalizer -o [output file] [logfile] e.g. /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/webalizer -o /home/truckl/tmp/webalizer /usr/local/apache/domlogs/trucklenders.com
 How do I run PHP 4 and 5 at the same time on my cPanel VPS?
 1. Make sure you has Apache installed and working with php4. It doesn't matter if you run mod_php4 or php4/phpsuexec, but I recommend to have phpsuexec based install (Warning: if you are running mod_php4 and would like to switch to phpsuexec, read the thr
 What is PHPsuExec?
 When PHP runs as an Apache Module it executes as the user/group of the webserver which is usually "nobody". Under this mode, files or directories that you require your php scripts to write to need to have 777 permissions (read/write/execute at user/group/
 How can I setup email aliases in Exim?
 To setup email aliases in exim to have the multiple addresses for multiple domain names to be filtered to one user will require bit custom work in editing default /etc/exim.conf file. Two workarounds - 1. You can refer the steps provided in the foll
 How do I setup an email forwarder in cPanel?
 Login to the cPanel account for that domain, and go to Mail >> Forwarders From there, you can setup an email forwarder which will forward mail as you define.
 How do I create a whitelist in cPanel?
  1. SSH into your server and as root or using SUDO or SU run this command: touch /etc/exim_whitelist_senders 2. In WHM, got to "WHM -> Service Configuration -> Exim Configuration Editor." In the top most edit box add (if there is anythin
 Why does ClamAV become corrupt and what can I do to fix it?
 If ClamAV gets corrupted you will see an error like this when viewing /var/log/exim_mainlog: malware acl condition: clamd: Unable to conncet to UNIX socket /var/clamd (no such file or directory) 95% of these issues are caused by a Stale Socket. Chec
 How do I verify IMAP is running on my cPanel VPS?
 If 143 (IMAP) will not accept connections from local host, make sure that it is running. If not, restart xinetd. If it is running and not accepting connections, please contact support. cPanel: /scripts/restartsrv_imap ps aux | grep imap | grep -v g
 What are frozen emails in Exim?
 Frozen mails are mails to invalid mail accounts. If the mail can't be delivered for an account, the mail will be added in the queue and exim will try a couple of times to deliver the mail as per the settings in the RETRY CONFIGURATION in exim conf file.
 How do I enable viewing a website via IP address?
 To enable viewing a website by IP address (http://ipaddress/~user) you can do the following: WHM --> Security --> Security Center --> Apache mod_userdir Tweak --> Enable mod_userdir Protection Uncheck this box. This will enable mod userdir to wor
 How can I find what account is sending out spam on my cPanel VPS?
 Find PHP Nobody Spammers. (cPanel) Use following command sequence via SSH as root: 1. mv /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail.real >> backup your existing sendmail in the event of an error. 2. vi /usr/sbin/sendmail Enter following code:
 What are different steps I can take to reduce the amount of spam I receive on cPanel?
 1. Disable default address: Login to your cPanel, click on Mail, Default Address, at the bottom click Set Default Address Select the domain in the drop down menu, I recommend repeating this for all domains listed. In the to: field - enter :fail:
 How come my domlogs are not rotating in cPanel?
 If Domlogs are found to increase in size and are not rotating themselves, check the following: WHM >> Tweak Settings >> Number of days between processing log files and bandwidth usage (default 1, decimal values are ok):" enter '.5'. You can also use
 How do I remove all mail from the mail queue on cPanel?
 1. Login to your VPS via SSH as root. 2. Run the following command to kill the queue. /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2 killeximq
 How do I reset the root MySQL password on cPanel?
 Make sure you try the root password that is in /root/.my.cnf This is usually the first root password the server was given once cpanel is installed. If it still does not work, you will need to reset the mysqld root password. First, stop the m
 What ports need to be open in my server's firewall for cPanel?
 Ports that must be open to run cPanel behind a firewall:20 ftp tcp inbound/outbound  21 ftp tcp,udp inbound/outbound  22 ssh tcp inbound  25 smtp tcp inbound/outbound  26 smtp tcp inbound/outboun
 How can I transfer an account using SSH if cPanel cannot transfer it?
  When an account is too large to feasibly move using the control panel,  you can use following steps:The setup :  Domain : domain.com  Username : dom   Make a temp directory on /home (I'll call it /home/cptemp/) where
 How do I view Webalizer stats without logging into cPanel?
 Login to your server via SSH as root and do the following:cd /home/username/public_htmlln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats chown username.username statscd ../tmpchmod 755 ./chmod 755 ./webalizerThis will allo
 Where does mail for root get forwarded to for a cPanel server?
 The email address that receives mail for the root user is defined in /root/.forwardThe format of the file is a single email address on a line, likeadmin@domain.com
 How do I install Imagemagick on a cPanel server?
 How to install Imagemagick on cPanel server.All commands are done via SSH as root.1. mkdir /home/cpimins2. cd /home/cpimins3. wget layer1.cpanel.net/magick.tar.gz4. tar zxvf magick.tar.gz5. cd magick6.
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